Meet Jessica Ware 2019 Our Recruitment Chair
Jessica Ware

My name is Jessica Ware and I have the privilege serving as the vice president: membership this year for Delta Gamma. In this position I have been given the opportunity to plan and execute spring and fall workshops as I prepare our women for the best fall recruitment. It is a year full of learning and growing together as we look forward to the week of formal recruitment! Myself and our entire chapter cannot wait to meet YOU!

To incoming freshmen

I sat in your shoes only two years ago and I remember it like it was yesterday. You are nervous, yet excited; happy about what is to come, but sad to leave what was; I felt it all, but the moment I first walked into Delta Gamma I knew that was exactly where I wanted to be. I am so excited that you have chosen to go through recruitment and I hope that throughout this experience you will feel comfortable in our home, so we can genuinely get to know you. Delta Gamma is a place where people are free to be themselves — we welcome all personalities and interests and we cannot wait to get to know you and some of yours. I would challenge you to be open and completely yourself. It’s going to be a wonderful week!

To parents

First off, I am so excited you are supporting your daughter’s decision to go through formal recruitment. Greek life has made such an impact on my college years so far and I would not be the same without the sisterhood I found in Delta Gamma. Delta Gamma has given me opportunities that I would not have had otherwise and I have been pushed to be a better friend, student, and leader. We cannot wait to love on your daughter.

Recruitment will be here before we know it so start getting excited! The feeling I had when I first walked into Delta Gamma has only grown and I hope you can one day say the same. The women here have pushed me to be the best version of myself. I’ve made friends and memories that I will carry with me forever. And all of this started with recruitment! I wish you the best senior year and I cannot wait to see you on August 12th!

Jessica Ware

Delta Lambda-Mississippi State University
vp: membership
Delta Gamma Fraternity

dear potential new members
Olivia Collier - Member Education

I am SO ready to meet you! I am serving as this years Member Educator so I get the privilege of walking each one of you through the transition into college and into Delta Gamma. We will go through a period of time where we will have weekly meetings learning about the history of Delta Gamma and you will discover in our time together a new love for DG.

I know for me, the transition into college and sorority life was overwhelming because it was so much change at once and so much unknown. The girls here at Delta Gamma helped me through this time and became my new family. How genuine and intentional everyone was with me inspired me and I want to do the same for you all. I will be here for whatever you need me to be.

My biggest advice coming through recruitment is to just be you. I know as soon as I walked through the doors of Delta Gamma I felt a weight off of my shoulders and could let my guard down because of how accepting everyone here is. Finding a place where you can be comfortable and relaxed is so important so let the girls in the houses see you for who you really are and let them fall in love with that version of yourself.

This time of transition is going to be such an exciting time and I am so lucky to get to be spending it with you!! We are going to have so much fun together!

Olivia Collier

Delta Lambda-Mississippi State University
vp: member education
Delta Gamma Fraternity